YCDS Corona Update

YCDS Corona Update

Current Summary:

  • Shipping from Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Turkey seem to be normal at this time.
  • $6.00 Mandatory tracking fee applies to orders coming out of  United Kingdom, Singapore, Turkey, and Australia. (This is to be able to track packages progress during these uncertain times.)
  • India will be resuming shipments on April 1
  • Mauritius has shut down all operations until at least April 4
  • New Zealand will no longer offer tracked shipping options.
  • We are required to restrict medications coming from Canada to a 30 day supply for now.  We encourage you to try and switch your 90 day requests to our overseas partner pharmacies.

We are all going through this Covid-19 madness all together. Every day is a new challenge; in fact, should I say every hour! Countries locking down, flights cancelling, trying to manage our colleagues to stay safe but also trying to continue working…

While we are fighting with several challenges every day, the responsibility we have is becoming more and more important,  there are thousands of patients relying on our services to have their medications on time…

YCDS is aware of this responsibility; therefore we are trying to update you with the changes on our operations as transparent and quick as possible.

Latest Updates

Our India Pharmacy: 

I am happy to confirm that is starting back their operations on Wednesday, 1st of April.

Although India is still locked down, they were able to grant the necessary working permits for their team during the curfew. The flight ban still continues but a few cargo flights started to fly again this week.

Our Turkey Pharmacy:

Turkey also started a flight ban a couple of days ago but this ban is only for the passenger flights; so cargo flights continue.

Please continue sending your orders for Turkish products as we continue working without disruptions.

New Zealand has informed us that they can no longer ship items with tracking.  So the Mandatory shipping fee of $6.00 will no longer be available for New Zealand shipments.  So far we have not seen any disruptions in the distribution network from New Zealand.

For our international customers – Canada Post has suspended shipments into any country who have shut down it’s borders such as India.   Updates can be found here: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/our-company/news-and-media/service-alerts.page?


Manitoba has declared a State of Emergency and have ordered Manitoba pharmacies not to dispense more than a 30 day supply of medication.  We hope this is a short term measure as there does not seem to be any shortages of medication at this time but it is more to prevent stockpiling in the short term.

We are encouraging patients to delay ordering if they can or else order from our international partners like Australia, New Zealand and England.  If you insist on Canadian product we are able to dispense a 30 day supply but the price will be higher.  Drugs are priced based on a fee structure so the cost to dispense one tablet is the same as dispensing 90 tablets so that is why the cost for 1 month supply  will be so much higher than a 3 month supply.

India and Mauritius have also closed their borders for 2 weeks so nothing is coming in or out of these countries.  

Things are changing daily and we are doing our best to maintain supply chains but we can no longer guarantee on time delivery.   We will however always guarantee that you will get your medication. 

At YCDS Customer Care we always have the health and safety of our patients in mind, so we wanted to provide an update regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak. As we ship you your medication from our world-wide pharmacy partners we want to make sure we are keeping you well informed of changes to our ordering and shipping process during this time. We appreciate that many of our loyal customers may be concerned about their medication orders whether they’ve already been placed, or need to be placed soon.

We have been informed that internationally shipped mail orders may experience delays due to confirmed cases of COVID-19 world-wide. This includes shipment that come from pharmacy partners that are outside of North America.

Delays are becoming more likely due to passenger flight cancellations. At the moment we have only been minimally impacted, but we want to advise you to order early as we are currently expecting our delivery time frame to reach 3-6 weeks from the date of shipment. It is also important to note that airport closures and border closures are not yet stopping cargo deliveries, altogether so you will still get your medication once it has shipped.

We are taking this virus and the delays to our patients very seriously and are taking a step to prevent further confusion and stress in regards to new orders. We are instituting a new shipping policy that requires each order being sent to the US must now include tracked shipping.

Because we feel it is socially responsible for us to make this decision we are also taking a hit financially by discounting the normal tracking fee of $16 to provide this mandatory tracked shipping for the nominal fee of $6 per order.

Since we have limited information about how these delays will impact our customers’ orders we are recommending you place your next refill order as soon as possible, you can order by calling 1-844-416-4282 or online at ycdscc.com.

We know that many of you are concerned about COVID-19 and what that means for you in this time. We want to emphasize the need for caution and we share your concerns. Below are some of the symptoms of the Coronavirus as well as some preventative measures you can take. Follow these and make sure to stay inside if you are feeling sick to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19.

-YCDS Customer Care

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