Why did need to close ?

In a plea bargain signed in April with the U.S. Department of Justice, the owners of CanadaDrugs were required to forfeit  their website and other websites they operate to the U.S. government., has been ordered shut down by July 13th, 2018.


The  case that did not involve medication sales from their website Canada Drugs has been safely selling medication at low cost to Americans for many years. The case involved a separate business conducted by the owners of the website where they were selling drugs directly to Doctors clinics. Two counterfeit batches of the cancer medication, Avastin, entered the United Kingdom supply chain in 2011 and were sold to medical offices in the U.S.


This type of drug was never sold to customers of the retail website


The same thing has happened in the past in the USA, CVS and were found to be selling counterfeit Lipitor.  Although drug supply chains are extremely secure this can happen when multiple parties are involved. The Canadian supply chain is one of the safest in the world.


This ruling has not affected any other online Canadian pharmacies and we are open for business. We are committed to selling only safe affordable medication from legitimate secure supply chains.