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5mg | 20mg

Starts from $0.42/tab

20mg | 100mg

Starts from $0.48/tab

2.5mg | 5mg

Starts from $0.75/tab

10mg | 25mg

Starts from $1.61/tab

25mg | 50mg

Starts from $1.14/tab

30mg | 60mg

Starts from $1.06/tab


Starts from $0.34/cab

0.01% | 0.03%

Starts from $1.45/unit

150mg | 300mg

Starts from $0.74/tab

50mg | 125mg | 250mg

Starts from $0.14/dose


Starts from $2.76/dose

100mg & 300mg

Starts from $2.60/tab

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Welcome to Your Canada Drug Store

Your Canada Drug Store (YCDSCC) takes great pride in having over 20 years of combined experience in the Canadian and international Internet Pharmacy field. We are able to utilize this valuable experience so that we can be your prescription referral service of choice. Each Canadian and international pharmacy contracted by us brings a unique set of skills that ensures you are provided with the same high-quality / personalized experience that you would get at your local pharmacy. We can provide you with access to authentic Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealand, Turkish and Indian medication.

We're Safe and Secure

All prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, and pet medications are sourced from licensed pharmacies and go through regulated supply chains. Our website has SSL encryption to ensure that all your personal and billing information is protected. Our staff is trained to only assist yourself or someone who has been designated ahead of time to keep your data intact.

We Provide Price Match Option

While we try to maintain the best price of every medication, we have an expansive catalog so it’s possible a competitor may have a better price on a product. If that is the case YCDSCC can price match a competitor’s price as long as it is the same product from the same country of origin. 

We're an Authentic CIPA Certified Member

YCDSCC follows all the rules and regulations of the online pharmacy industry by maintaining high standards for Drug Safety without charging exorbitant prices. We are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association for the safety of the medication. The products dispensed by our contracted pharmacies adhere to the rigorous standards set by their national regulatory bodies. For example, our Canadian pharmacy partners only dispense Health Canada-approved medications. Health Canada standards are comparable to those in the United States.

We've Easy Ordering Process

Whether you prefer to order your medications over the phone or on the website, Your Canada Drug Store makes sure ordering is convenient for you. We also keep your refills on file for future use. We have optimized our website for all devices and you can easily place an order from any device. Call us today to know why we are the best drugstore or online pharmacy referral service of choice.

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