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What is Eliquis used for?

Eliquis (apixaban) is prescribed to prevent serious blood clot formation due to a specific irregular heartbeat or following knee/hip replacement surgery. Part of the heart does not beat the way it should and produces an arrhythmia. This can cause the creation of blood clots which have the ability to travel to other parts of the body and increase your risk of stroke. In addition it is prescribed to treat types of blood clots. It is classified as an anticoagulant that obstructs specific clotting proteins in your blood.


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    Warning About Eliquis?

    Unless directed by your doctor do not stop taking apixaban. Stopping this medication early increases the risk of forming a serious blood clot. Your doctor may have you take a different “blood thinning” medication to reduce your risk. If you experience weakness on one side of your body, sudden vision changes, chest pain, confusion, trouble speaking, warmth/swelling/pain in the legs get medical help immediately.

    After certain spinal procedures people taking this medication may bleed near the spinal cord which can cause paralysis that can last a long time or become permanent. Talk to your doctor about the risks before any spinal procedure. If you have a deformed spine or have had spinal surgery before or are taking other drugs that cause bruising/bleeding the risks of bleeding can be higher. If you notice any symptoms such as leg tingling/numbness/weakness, loss of control of the bladder/bowels, or back pain tell your doctor asap.

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