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There are two ways by which you can search for your prescription drugs from our partner pharmacies using the online store  You can use the Search box or simply click the first letter of the of the quality prescription drug you are looking for. You can find affordable prescription drugs by entering the brand name or the generic name and you would have the option to selecting either of them. Once you find the quality prescription drug you wish to order from our partner pharmacy, just click the “Buy” button to add it to your cart. Any time that you feel that you are not able to find a medication please feel to call our team of professional customer representative at 1-844-416-4282 to help you find the best price for the medication that you are looking for. You can then continue shopping and search for additional canadian drugs online by pressing the continue shopping button or if you feel that you have found the product that you were looking for, proceed to the checkout by clicking Checkout. Checkout will view your shopping cart where you have the option to change the quantity of the products that you have selected, continue shopping or proceeding to buy prescription drugs online from our partner pharmacies at Your Canada Drug Store. If you need to change the quantity of the product item in your cart, just change the quantity of each item by using the drop-down menu. If for any reason you want to remove a product that you have selected just press the Remove button. With our wide range of quality prescription drugs, we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for.