Hurricanes, Storms and Medication

It is Hurricane season again!!

It is important to take some preventive steps to ensure uninterrupted access to prescription medications that you or a family member require.

The National Hurricane Center is an excellent resource for information on hurricane readiness and has numerous fact sheets available.  The  Centers for Disease Control also have an excellent article on health considerations before, during, and after a storm.

We at  Your Canada Drug Store hope for the best for the patients that we have in the areas threatened by severe damage from Hurricanes. Some quick preparation tips that we recommend you take to ensure your access to your prescriptions are not threatened in the coming days:

  • Have an up to date medication list that provides exact names, dosages, and other pertinent information on all medications that you and your loved ones are currently taking.
  • Have an emergency list of physicians and medications ready to go if you need to be evacuated.
  • Put your medication in a watertight bag to protect it from damage.  Try to protect it from extreme weather conditions
  • Check immunization histories. Tetanus is common during disasters due to unsanitary conditions and influenza risk goes up due to close quarters.

If you need a refill or a prescription transferred quickly, we at are more than willing to make that happen and make sure you have the medication you need.