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Referral Benefits

referral benefits

Become a savings advocate with the Your Canada Drug Store

Find out how customers just like you can earn and save money for you, your friends, and your family
Our Referral Benefit Program is designed to make it easy for customers just like you to earn direct cash rewards when you share your experience with Your Canada Drug Store.
For every person that you refer, you’ll earn a percentage on every order they ever place!
You can use these reward dollars to save with us, or we’ll simply send you the reward money you earned via check to thank you for being a savings advocate for Your Canada Drug Store

How The Program Works

Referral Benefit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my friends and family up?

As long as you have completed one order with us, you can simply have them send in the attached New Patient Order Form. You can also email your friends or family

when they place their first order with us, you’ll start earning! They can also call at 1-844-416-4282 and use your name when they first place an order to get their 20% off*

How much can I earn?

There is no limit! We want you to spread the word about Your Canada Drug Store! We think more people need to know how to save on their lifesaving prescription medication and will reward you to thank you for sharing our story. Quite simply the more people you sign up, the more you earn. And if your friends and family start signing up their friends and family, your earnings really are limitless!

Can I use my rewards for my purchases with Your Canada Drug Store?

Of course! When you call to order we’ll let you know how many reward dollars you have, and we’ll take that off your purchase price to save you even more money on our already low prices.

Can I be sent a check with my reward dollars?

If you’ve earned more than $100 in Referral Benefits, you can ask for that amount to be sent to as a check as thank you from Your Canada Drug Store. That money is yours. You earned it!

Am I charged anything to redeem my referral benefits?

There is a $15 service fee to have your referral money paid out. This fee is to cover the administrative costs associated with preparing and mailing the check to you. There is no cost to use your reward dollars as credit towards purchases.

Why do I have to wait to accumulate $100 before I can be paid out?

The reason we require you to accumulate $100 before we can issue a is because of the fees that are associated with the cheque. Your Canada Drug Store will charge a $15 service fee, and many banks in the U.S. charge an additional fee to cash a cheque issued out of the country. In order to take advantage of the best savings available, you can simply use your benefit towards your medication purchases with Your Canada Drug Store.

Is my credit to my spouse’s account?

Yes, you can transfer any outstanding credit on your file to another file.

*Up to a maximum of $1000 USD.

How to sign up