Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler

What is Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler used for?

Symbicort (Budesonide, Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate) is a brand name medication used to treat COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in adults. This can reduce the frequency and severity of COPD symptoms. This is not used to deal with immediate shortness of breath. You may need to carry a rescue inhaler to control flare-ups. This can also be used to manage asthma for individuals 6 years of age or older. Symbicort is a corticosteroid that reduces swelling and irritation in the airways and makes breathing easier. Breathing problems can affect one’s daily activities and present health risks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler

    How to Use Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler?

    Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and the literature in the manufacturer’s packaging before using this product. If anything is unclear be sure to clarify with a professional as improper use of this drug will not yield optimal results. It should be primed before you start using it and again if it is not used in seven days or more. Be sure to aim the spray away from your face when priming. Before inhaling the medication be sure to shake the product well to get an accurate dose. If you are meant to take two puffs at a time be sure to wait a minute or two before taking your second puff. Once you have taken your dose be sure to rinse your mouth with water to remove any lingering medication as it can cause irritation. Be sure to clean the device weekly. Do not increase your dose as this will not improve your symptoms more quickly or effectively. If you do happen to take too much, see a doctor for immediate medical attention.

    Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler Drug Interactions

    This list does not contain a complete list of medications that interact with Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler. Be sure to disclose all your medications with your doctor before taking this to make sure they can weigh the benefits and risks of taking this medication in conjunction with another medication.

    • prednisone
    • ProAirHFA(albuterol)
    • Ventolin(albuterol)
    • pantoprazole
    • gabapentin
    • Spiriva(tiotropium)
    • levothyroxine
    • atorvastatin
    • Mucinex(guaifenesin)
    • amlodipine
    • Tylenol(acetaminophen)
    • trazodone
    • metformin
    • tramadol
    • albuterol
    • omeprazole
    • aspirin
    • Singulair(montelukast)
    • albuterol
    • prednisone
    • lisinopril
    • furosemide
    • VentolinHFA(albuterol)
    • montelukast
    • Benadryl(diphenhydramine)
    • azithromycin
    • Advil(ibuprofen)
    • Combivent(albuterol/ipratropium)
    • ibuprofen
    • VitaminD3(cholecalciferol)

    What are Side Effects of Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler?

    Not everyone experiences side effects when taking Symbicort Aerosol Inhaler. While mild side effects are manageable and may go away over time, serious side effects may require immediate medical attention.

    • difficultywithbreathing
    • irritability
    • Stomachdiscomfort
    • vomiting
    • large,hive-likeswellingontheface,eyelids,lips,tongue,throat,hands,legs,feet,orsexorgans
    • Belching
    • poundingintheears
    • numbnessinthefeet,hands,andaroundthemouth
    • flushed,dryskin
    • stomachpain
    • enlargedpupils
    • slow,fast,pounding,orirregularheartbeatorpulse
    • heartburn
    • unusualtirednessorweakness
    • tearing
    • eyepain
    • nausea
    • puffinessorswellingoftheeyelidsoraroundtheeyes,face,lipsortongue
    • rednessoftheskin
    • fever
    • whitepatchesinthemouthoronthetongue
    • seizures
    • increasedsensitivityoftheeyestolight
    • dizzinessorlightheadednesswhengettingupsuddenlyfromalyingorsittingposition
    • hoarseness
    • coughproducingmucus
    • stifforsoreneck
    • increasedurination
    • unexplainedweightloss
    • paininthearmsorlegs
    • jointpain
    • painortendernessaroundtheeyesandcheekbones
    • Bladderpain
    • tightnessofthechest
    • diarrhea
    • Bad,unusual,orunpleasant(after)taste
    • cough
    • frequenturgetourinate
    • noisybreathing
    • fainting
    • indigestion
    • headache
    • lossofvoice
    • drynessofthethroat
    • increasedthirst
    • severeheadache
    • numbnessortinglinginthehands,feet,orlips
    • sneezing
    • congestion
    • tender,swollenglandsintheneck
    • difficultywithmoving
    • nervousness
    • musclecramps
    • muscleaches
    • drymouth
    • confusion
    • stomachupset
    • earcongestion
    • lowerbackorsidepain
    • tremblingorshakingofthehandsorfeet
    • deeporfastbreathingwithdizziness
    • stuffyorrunnynose
    • large,flat,blue,orpurplishpatchesintheskin
    • severechestpain
    • voicechanges
    • Blurredvision
    • increasedsweating,possiblywithfeverorcold,clammyskin
    • generalfeelingofdiscomfortorillness
    • soremouthortongue
    • fruit-likebreathodor
    • shakinessinthelegs,arms,hands,orfeet
    • Bodyachesorpain
    • decreasedvision
    • sorethroat
    • troublewithsleeping
    • musclespasmsorstiffness
    • swollenjoints
    • chills
    • lossofappetite
    • fast,irregular,pounding,orracingheartbeatorpulse
    • sweating
    • hivesorwelts,itchingskin
    • Blindness
    • changeintaste
    • troublewithswallowing
    • shivering
    • difficult,burning,orpainfulurination
    • decreasedurine
    • fear
    • increasedhunger
    • bloodyorcloudyurine

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