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This is intended as a summary and should not replace individual medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist. This summary does not include all possible information for this medication, ask your health care professional for personalized recommendations and complete information about this product.

This drug is taken for the treatment of bladder infections. It functions by preventing growth of of bacteria. This antibiotic only treats bacterial infections and won’t work for viral infections. Use of antibiotics when they’re not needed can cause it to be ineffective for future infections. This medication should not be used for infants younger than one month. This drug should not be used for infections outside of the bladder.

Take this medication orally as directed by your doctor. For best results swallow medication whole. While taking this medication do not use magnesium trisilicate-containing antacids, they can bind with nitrofurantoin preventing full absorption into your system. Take the medication until the prescribed amount is finished, stopping the medication too early can cause bacteria to continue growing which can cause the infection to resurface.

Nausea and headaches are normal side effects though if the effects linger or get worse tell your doctor promptly. Most people who use this medication (Macrodantin) do not have serious side effects. This medication can turn your urine dark yellow or brown in colour. This effect is usually temporary and will go away when you stop the medication. Dark brown urine can indicate rare side effects (anaemia or liver problems).

If you notice dark urine with the following symptoms seek immediate medical attention: stomach/abdominal pain, tiredness, persistent nausea/vomiting, pounding/fast heartbeat. If any of these rare but serious side effects appear tell your doctor immediately: mental/mood changes, eye pain, persistent/severe headaches, easy bruising/bleeding, new signs of infection. If you develop any of the following serious but rare side effects contact your doctor immediately: unusual muscle weakness, numbness/tingling of the feet/hands. Rarely, this medication can cause serious (potentially fatal) lung problems.

They may occur within the first month of treatment or after long term (6 months or longer) use of nitrofurantoin. If you develop the following symptoms of lung problems tell your doctor immediately: chest pain, joint/muscle pain, persistent cough, shortness of breath/trouble breathing, bluish/purplish skin. This drug may cause a severe intestinal condition due to bacteria that is resistant. This condition can occur during your treatment or after treatment has stopped.

If you have the following symptoms do not use opioids or anti-diarrhea medications as they may exacerbate the symptoms: abdominal or stomach cramping/pain, persistent diarrhea, mucus/blood in your stool. Using this drug for prolonged or repeated periods can cause a new vaginal yeast infection or oral thrush. If you notice a change in vaginal discharge, white patches in your mouth or other symptoms contact your doctor. Serious allergic reactions to this drug is rare however if you experience these get medical help right away: swelling/itching, rash, trouble breathing, severe dizziness.

Tell your doctor about any allergies before taking Macrodantin as there may be inactive ingredients in this medication that can cause allergic reactions or other problems. If you have: kidney disease, a history of liver problems, G-6-PD deficiency tell consult your doctor as this medication should not be used. Tell your doctor about your medical history, especially of: lung disease, liver disease, mineral imbalance, diabetes, blood disorders, tingling/numbness of the arms/legs, certain eye disorders, persistent weakness due to long-term disease.

This medication is removed by the kidneys and kidney function declines as you age so older adults may be at a greater risk for side effect especially liver, lung or nerve problems. This medication can cause live bacterial vaccines to not work properly. While using this medication only have immunizations or vaccines unless told to by your doctor.

This medication should only used during pregnancy when clearly needed and should not be used as you near the end of your pregnancy or during labor and delivery as it can cause a certain blood disorder in your baby. This medication can pass into breast milk and may have effects on nursing infants younger than a month old. Consult with your doctor before breastfeeding.

Tell your doctor all of the medications you take before starting Macrodantin especially: certain drugs to treat gout. Do not start/stop or change the dose of the medication without talking to your doctor. Antibiotics are not likely to affect hormonal birth control though a few antibiotics can decrease their effectiveness. Certain lab test results may be interfered with by this medication possibly causing incorrect test results.

If someone has trouble breathing or has passed out they may have overdosed and you should immediately contact poison control or 911.

This medication should not be shared with others. Do not use this medication for a later infection unless directed to do so by your doctor. Medical and lab tests should be performed regularly to monitor progress and check for side effects. If you’re prescribed Macrodantin for extended treatment lung function tests should be performed.

If you miss a dose use it as soon as you remember. If it is close to the time of the next dose skip the one you missed and use your next dose at your regular time. Never double the dose to catch up.

Store this product between 59-86 degrees F, away from moisture and light and not in the bathroom. Keep medications away from pets and children. Only dispose of this medication as directed by a pharmacist or local waste disposal company.