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Fucidin Ointment

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    What is Fucidin Ointment prescribed for?

    Fucidin Ointment is a medicine prescribed for skin infections caused by certain bacteria. It helps with problems like impetigo and infections that happen when your skin gets hurt. Fusidic acid, the main ingredient, is a type of antibiotic.
    Fucidin Ointment

    Fucidin Ointment Information

    Use of Fucidin Ointment

    To use Fucidin Ointment:

    Clean Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the affected area.

    Clean the Area: Gently clean the infected or affected area with mild soap and water. Pat it dry with a clean towel.

    Apply a Thin Layer: Use a small amount of Fucidin Ointment and apply it thinly to the affected area.

    Spread Evenly: Spread the ointment evenly over the skin, making sure to cover the entire affected area.

    Wash Hands Again: After applying the ointment, wash your hands again to avoid spreading the infection.

    Continue as Prescribed: Use Fucidin Ointment for the full course prescribed by your doctor, even if your symptoms improve before you finish the treatment.

    Frequency: Follow your doctor's instructions regarding how often to apply the ointment. It's typically applied 2 to 3 times a day.

    Avoid Eyes and Mouth: Be careful not to get the ointment in your eyes, nose, or mouth. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.

    Cover if Advised: If your doctor recommends it, you can cover the treated area with a sterile bandage or dressing.

    Consult Your Doctor: If you experience any unusual side effects or your condition worsens, contact your healthcare provider.

    Remember to always follow your doctor's instructions and read the medication label for specific guidance on using Fucidin Ointment.

    Possible side effects of Fucidin Ointment

    Few known side effects of Fucidin Ointment include:

    • Swelling
    • Allergic Reaction,
    • Rash, and/or Itching
    • Hives
    • Redness
    • Mild Irritation at Area of Application
    • Symptoms of an Eye Infection
    • Skin Blistering

    This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

    Drug Interactions of Fucidin Ointment

    Few known Drug Interactions of Fucidin Ointment include:

    This is not a complete list of Drug Interactions and others may occur too. Consult your doctor for any medical advice about Drug Interactions.

    Fucidin Ointment price in Canada

    Starting price of Fucidin Ointment 2% price in Canada - 30 g - $50.84 USD ($1.69 per g)
    - 60 g - $89.08 USD ($1.48 per g)
    - 90 g - $127.04 USD ($1.41 per g)

    Fucidin Ointment FAQs

    Can I use Fucidin Ointment on my face?

    Yes, you can use Fucidin Ointment on your face, but only if it has been prescribed by a doctor for a specific skin condition or infection on your face. It's important to follow your doctor's instructions and not use it without their recommendation.

    How often should I apply Fucidin Ointment?

    You should apply Fucidin Ointment as directed by your doctor. Typically, it is applied 2 to 3 times a day, or as prescribed for your specific condition. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully for the best results.

    Can I use Fucidin Ointment on open wounds?

    Fucidin Ointment is good for skin and wound infections, especially when they're caused by Staphylococci bacteria. But make sure to use it exactly how your healthcare professional tells you to, based on your specific problem. If you're not sure about using it on a certain wound, it's best to ask a healthcare provider for their advice.

    Can I use Fucidin Ointment for acne?

    Fucidin Ointment is not typically used to treat acne. It's primarily prescribed for bacterial skin infections. If you have acne, it's best to consult a dermatologist who can recommend appropriate treatments, such as topical creams or oral medications, specifically designed to manage acne.

    Is Fucidin Ointment safe for children?

    Fucidin Ointment can be used in children, but it should be used under the guidance and prescription of a healthcare professional. The safety and appropriate dosage will depend on the child's age, weight, and the specific condition being treated. Always consult a doctor before using any medication on a child, including Fucidin Ointment.

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