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Interactions with Grapefruit

“Avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice,” is a common warning from pharmacists and doctors to their patients, but a recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal is warning that because of new chemical formulations, the number of prescription drugs that have harmful interactions with grapefruit have more than doubled since 2008.

The study notes that people over 45 are at the highest risk for two reasons: they’re the highest consumers of grapefruit juice and they’re more likely to be taking medications for a range of illnesses.

The reason mixing grapefruit and prescription medication can have adverse affects is because of a chemical called furanocoumarin. It acts like an enzyme in the stomach and can change the potency of medication and how it works. A small amount even ingested hours before taking the medications, can increase the amount of the drug metabolized, which is like taking many doses at once and can lead to the same reaction the body would have if it was overdosing on a drug.

Limes and some oranges also contain furanocoumarin.
According to the report, drugs that can interact with grapefruit include:

It’s important to be aware of food and drink interactions with your prescription medication. Always talk to your doctor, or pharmacist if you ever have any questions about any of your prescriptions. Our team here at is here to help. It’s not just grapefruit that reacts with some medication. Even milk can change how certain drugs work.
Always be aware of each of the drugs you are taking and how they work. A little knowledge can go a long way to making sure that your health is looked after.


Only Accept Authentic UK products!!

Do not settle for Parallel imported products – Here is Why …

Authentic UK Badge on Search Product

Be on the lookout for the Authentic UK Seal on those products available  from the United Kingdom 

When you order a product from our contracted and licensed pharmacy in the United Kingdom, you can be sure you will be getting authentic government approved UK product (namely, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and not a product from elsewhere in Europe.  Some other pharmacies will claim that their products come from the United Kingdom, when in actual fact those products are parallel imported products (so it may come from elsewhere in Europe).

With parallel imported products, you have no idea where it may be coming from (Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc.) and with such a model, there is more opportunity for counterfeit drugs to enter the drug distribution network. Such parallel imports may also arrive with instructions in a foreign language. 

So rest assured, knowing that the products we offer are not parallel imported products, but true authentic products sourced from the United Kingdom and approved by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.


Read more about the potential risks of Parallel Imported Products;

Parallel trade in drugs puts EU patients at risk

The ABPI claims that parallel trade poses risks to patient well-being. It says that repackaging increases the risks of labelling errors, that lengthening the supply chain increases opportunities for piracy and counterfeiting, and that patients may be confused by overlabelled packs bearing a foreign language.
Parallel trade: Are Industry concerns real or imagined?

However, companies say their major concern is the impact of PPT on the drugs supply chain and safety. Mount says: ‘We have seen a rise in the incidence of counterfeit medicines in the UK. That is why we need to ask whether this system is safe and whether our efforts to protect it are adequate.

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News From YCDS
July 10, 2018

Cost of Drugs

Millions Skip Taking Medications Due to High Cost

Medications do not work if you do not take them. Some people forget to take them or do not take them because of side effects.  However in a recent report from the National Centre for Health Statistics suggests another reason – people can’t afford to pay for their medications.


Nearly 25 percent of uninsured people didn’t take their prescription drugs as recommended in 2011, compared to about 19 percent of privately-insured people and 15 percent of those on Medicaid.  Compared to wealthier Americans, poor and near-poor Americans were twice as likely to skip out on their medication in order to save money.


We at Your Canada Drug Store have a goal to provide customers with access to affordable, safe and quality medications.  You should not have to juggle your health with your daily living costs.


We only offer medications from Canada and the UK. (not the EU, but UK only) so you can always be sure of what you will be getting.  


We also offer tips on how to save money, by recommending high quality generics, discussing medications that can be safely cut in half in order to save money, educating you on other alternative drugs that that you can discuss with your doctor that are cheaper.


A pharmacist is always available to talk to you at Your Canada Drugs Store Customer Care. Visit us at


More info:  1 in 7 People Don’t Fill Their Prescriptions Because They Cost Too Much


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