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Human Body
Did you know all drugs have side-effects they pose to the human body? The effects are however not the same for all people. What one may experience after taking certain drugs can be totally different from the experiences of another
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October 25, 2019

Are my Generic Drugs Safe

You have almost certainly have taken a generic drug at some point. Most prescriptions are dispensed with generics drugs. Generic drugs work just like brand-name drugs. The biggest difference in generics is that they are considerably cheaper. However are generic
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October 17, 2019

How to Stay Fit in the Cold

When you a call us at, you’re talking to one of our trained patient Service Representatives that all work out of our head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  One of the common questions a lot of first time customers have
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Depression Naturally
Depression is a clinically acknowledged disorder that can make you feel tired, aimless, and empty. When left to its own devices, depression can make it difficult for you to go through life on a daily basis. While most people would
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