Your Privacy is very important to us. Your Canada Drug Store pays close attention to the Security and Privacy of your Confidential Personal Information.


All online orders and other communications via YCDS’s website are processed utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL version 3.0 or higher) and secured by a true VeriSign SSL Certificate.  Your data will not be intercepted by anyone elsewhere on the internet.

All information submitted via YCDS secure website is encrypted before transmission to the TCP’s Secure Customer Service Centre. Encrypted orders are not readable by anyone other than authorized staff at The Canadian Pharmacy.

The Canadian Pharmacy’s computer systems and networks are protected to prevent unauthorized traffic from reaching our internal network. TCP’s internal computer systems are never exposed to the internet and cannot be reached by unauthorized personnel.

If you have any further questions about our security measures, please email

At Your Canada Drug Store, safeguarding the confidentiality of your personal information is a primary concern.


Please visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more.


Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act prohibits us from releasing any customer’s personal, medical or financial information without your written consent. to anyone other than the health professionals responsible for filling your prescriptions.