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Xiidra (Lifitegrast)

This is intended as a summary and should not replace individual medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist. This summary does not include all possible information for this medication, ask your health care professional for personalized recommendations and complete information about this product.

This medication is used in the treatment of dry eye disease.

Before starting this medication and whenever you refill your prescription ensure you’ve read the Patient Information Leaflet if available from your pharmacist. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about this product. Use this medication as directed by your doctor in the affected eye(s), usually twice a day (generally about every 12 hours).

For application of the eye drops wash your hands first. Never touch the tip of the single use container or let it directly touch your eye or any surface to avoid contamination. Only open the single-use container when you’re ready to use it. Throw away the remaining contents of the container after use. If you are wearing contact lenses take them out before applying the medication. Wait for 15 minutes at minimum before replacing your contact lenses.

To apply the medication: tilt your head back and look upward, pulling down the lower eyelid so that it makes a pouch. Then hold the dropper right over your eye and administer one drop in the pouch. Look downward, gently close your eye and place one finger at the inner corner of your eye near the notes. Gently apply pressure for 1-2 minutes before opening your eyes as this prevents the medication from draining out. Repeat these steps for each drop.

If you use this medication in both eyes repeat these steps for the other eye. Use your drops before any eye ointments to allow your drops to enter the eye. Wait a few minutes for your vision to clear before using heavy machinery or driving. To benefit the most from this medication use it regularly, use it at the same time each day to help you remember. If your condition worsens or persists talk to your doctor.

An unusual taste sensation, eye discomfort, temporary blurred vision may occur and these are part of the normal side effects. If these effects get worse or last talk to your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Your doctor has weighed the benefits to you against the side effects of this drug and has prescribed it because they believe that the benefits will be greater than the risk of side effects.

Most people who take this medication do not experience serious side effects. A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare however if you notice any of the symptoms of allergic reaction seek medical attention immediately: itching/swelling (especially of the tongue, throat, or face), rash, trouble breathing or severe dizziness. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects and if you notice any not listed above talk to your doctor.

Before you start use of the lifitegrast, let your doctor or pharmacist know if you are allergic to it or anything else. This product may have inactive ingredients which can result in allergic reactions or other problems. Consult with your pharmacist for more information. While using this medication your vision may temporarily become blurred.

Do not do any activities that require clear vision such as driving or using heavy machinery. Tell your dentist or doctor about all of the medications and products (including medicinal, non-medicinal, and herbal products) you take before having surgery. This medication is only to be used during pregnancy when clearly needed, discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor. It is not known if this drug will pass into breast milk so talk to your doctor before breast-feeding.

Interactions with other drugs can change how your medications work or increase the risk of serious side effects. This document is not an exhaustive list of all possible drug interactions. Share a list of all the products you use (including nonprescription, prescription and herbal products) and share it with your pharmacist and doctor. Do not adjust your usage of this medication without speaking with your doctor first.

If this medication is swallowed it has the potential to be harmful. If someone has serious symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing they may have overdosed and 911 or poison control should be called as soon as possible.

This medication should never be shared with others, even if they exhibit symptoms similar to yours.

If you have forgotten a dose use it when you next remember. If it is too close to the time of the next dose skip the dose you missed, and use the next dose at the regular time and never double the dose in an attempt to catch up.

Store Xiidra away from light and moisture at room temperature. The medication should be kept in the original foil package until it’s ready to use. Ensure medications are stored away from pets and children, do not store this medication in the bathroom. Unless told to do so do not flush medications down the toilet or pour them down a drain. Discard this product safely when it’s expired or not needed any longer, consult your local waste disposal company or pharmacist.