Rasagiline (Azilect)

Rasagiline (Azilect)

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Rasagiline (Azilect)

HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION:This information is provided as a summary and doesn’t contain all possible information about Azilect. The following information is provided for educational purposes and does not replace individual medical advice from your healthcare professional. Always seek your doctor’s advice for your treatment and medications.

Rasagiline (Azilect) can be used alone or with other medications for the treatment of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It can help with symptoms including: stiffness, shakiness, and difficulty moving. It can also help to lower the amount of “off” time (periods of stiffness and slow movement). Rasagiline is a part of a class of medications known as MAO inhibitors. It works by increasing the levels of some natural substances in the brain. Parkinson’s disease is thought to be caused by low levels of dopamine in the brain.

Take Azilect orally with or without food as your doctor instructs you, generally once daily. Your dosage will be based on other medications you take, your medical condition, and response to treatment.

Do not take more or less Azilect or take it more often than recommended by your doctor. You will not improve any faster and can risk an increase in side effects. Do not stop rasagiline without first consulting your doctor as some conditions can become worse if you suddenly stop this medication. Your dose will be gradually reduced by your doctor.

If you eat a large amount of tyramine while on Azilect (and for 2 weeks after you stop it), a very serious high blood pressure reaction might happen. While on rasagiline you should avoid foods high in tyramine like aged cheeses. Talk to a doctor or dietician about what foods you can avoid and what to do if you feel unwell after eating or drinking certain foods while on rasagiline.

Sometimes medications can have interactions if you take them together. There is a wide range of severity for drug interactions, some can be mitigated by changing the dosing or timing of the medications, however some can be very serious and should never be used together. The following medications interact with rasagiline:

The above list is not exhaustive. You should always tell your doctor about all of the products you take while on Azilect including prescription, non-prescription, and herbal products. If you have any questions about ordering Azilect or any other medication you can reach our customer care team or a licensed pharmacist at 1-844-416-4282.

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