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    What is Ozempic?

    Ozempic is used to help manage high blood sugar for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Proper diet and exercise is required to see the maximum benefit of the drug as medical treatment alone cannot improve blood sugar levels. It is important to control high blood sugar as it can contribute to serious conditions such as stroke, heart attack and heart disease. It is not recommended to treat people with type 1 diabetes.
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    Ozempic Information

    Ozempic dosage

    Your doctor will instruct you how to use the product and instructions are provided. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure how to use it. Do not use the product if there are particles or discolouration in the liquid.

    Before using your dose, clean the injection site with an alcohol swab. You should also change the location of the injection to prevent irritation or skin damage. The best places to inject the medicine is the abdomen, upper arm or the thigh. It usually takes every 7 days unless your doctor provides different instructions.

    You will likely start on the lowest dose. It may change if your doctor determines that a higher dose is necessary to manage your condition. A higher dose may have a higher risk of side effects.

    Ozempc works best when used regularly. It is meant to be used once every 7 days. You can change the day you take it as long as you wait at least two days for your next dose. As diet and exercise is important to achieve the best results, you can plan your exercise around when you take your dose. Creating an alarm or calendar can help.

    How Ozempic works

    Ozempic works similarly to a hormone called incretins. It helps to cause an insulin release when your blood sugar is too high. It also decreases the amount of sugar produced by the liver. If you need insulin injections to manage high blood sugar, this will not work as an appropriate substitution.

    Ozempic side effects

    This is not a complete list of potential side effects of Ozempic. Report side effects to your doctor or pharmacist. If you find them unmanageable, call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. We also have a pharmacist that can provide counselling when you buy Ozempic online.

    • vomiting
    • excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines
    • bloated, full feeling
    • stomach pain
    • Burning feeling in the chest or stomach
    • constipation
    • indigestion
    • hair loss
    • heartburn
    • Belching
    • yellow eyes or skin
    • stomach discomfort
    • Gaseous stomach pain
    • tenderness in the stomach area
    • passing gas
    • stomach upset
    • Diarrhea
    • stomach fullness
    • recurrent fever
    • shortness of breath

    Ozempic precautions and warnings

    Always read and understand the medication guide provided with the product before you begin taking treatment. When you buy Ozempic online from Your Canada Drug Store, we always send the products in the manufacturer’s packaging.

    Ozempic may not be safe for you if you have a history of medical conditions such as kidney problems, history of diabetic retinopathy, pancreatitis, and certina eye and stomach problems. Your doctor will have to determine if you are allergic to any of it’s ingredients. Alcohol should be avoided as it can have an unhealthy impact on your blood sugar. Your doctor should make you aware of the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

    Fluctuations in blood sugar can cause you to feel dizzy and/or drowsy. Avoid driving or using heavy machinery until you know how this medication affects you. Increased physical strain from injuries, infection or surgery can make managing blood sugar more difficult. Inform your doctor if you are having difficulty managing your blood sugar.

    Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is possible to use this during pregnancy but there are risks associated with it. Pregnancy can also worsen diabetes symptoms. You should consult with your doctor to determine a safe pregnancy plan. You may need to adjust your blood sugar plan prior to pregnancy,

    Ozempic drug interactions

    The following drugs are known to interact with the Ozempic. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible drug interactions. It is important to disclose all your current medications with your doctor to prevent allergic reactions or adverse interactions. They may have to determine if the interaction is worth the benefit of using both drugs or if your therapeutic plan needs to be changed.

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    Ozempic FAQs

    What is Ozempic cost in Canada?

    Ozempic costs are negotiated and regulated by Health Canada. We only dispense this medication from a licensed Canadian pharmacy. Current pricing for this product is listed on the website and includes express shipping and tracking.

    Is Ozempic Insulin?

    Ozempic cannot substitute insulin treatment. It is not an insulin mediation and cannot help individuals with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.

    Does Ozempic require refrigeration?

    Ozempic pens do require refrigeration.Do not freeze them and keep away from children and animals. They should be disposed of after 56 days even if there are doses remaining. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and call a doctor or pharmacist if the instructions are unclear.

    Who makes Ozempic?

    Ozempic is manufactured by Novo Nordisk

    Does Ozempic cause weight gain?

    Your weight may change during treatment. Diet and exercise does contribute to this. Many people testing this medicine did lose weight and some did gain weight. Your doctor can assist you in managing your weight.

    How long does it take for Ozempic to work?

    You can notice results within a week. It can take 8 weeks, or longer, to experience the maximum benefit of treatment. Your experience may be different from others and the time to see results may vary. Call your doctor if you do not see the expected results after several weeks of proper use.

    Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the medical advice provided by a certified medical professional. You require your doctor's approval prior to buying or using Prescription Drugs sold here. We do have a pharmacist on staff if your doctor is unavailable to provide medical advice when you buy Ozempic online. Do not use the information here to ignore or contradict advice provided by a licensed medical professional. Always seek medical advice if you have any questions or concerns about this medication.