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What is Foradil (Formoterol Fumarate) used for?

Foradil is an inhaler used as a maintenance medication. Foradil is used in the treatment and prevention of wheezing caused by COPD or asthma. Foradil contains formoterol which is a long-acting bronchodilator which helps with asthma and COPD symptoms by relaxing the muscles in your airways in order to improve breathing. Foradil is primarily used to avoid bronchospasms for individuals with conditions which may cause wheezing or shortness of breath such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Foradil

    How to Use Foradil?

    Foradil is meant for long-term use for asthma maintenance treatment, and to prevent bronchospasm in adults. Children age 5 and over who have nocturnal asthma symptoms and reversible obstructive airway disorder may also be prescribed Foradil. It is generally inhaled twice a day to prevent asthma symptoms and wheezing. Foradil may also be used to treat exercised induced bronchospasm.

    Foradil comes in capsule form and you must use an inhaler device to take this medication. Never swallow these capsules. Follow the usage instructions on the medication label. Do not use Foradil more often than directed, your condition will not improve faster.

    Foradil Drug Interactions

    If your doctor prescribes Foradil, you must inform him when you are taking one or more of the following drugs:

    • Cisapride
    • Droperidol
    • Methadone
    • Pentamidine
    • Diuretic or water pill
    • Cold medicine

    Other interacting medications include:

    Antibiotics such as:

    Medicines for treating psychiatric disorders such as:

    Heart rhythm drugs such as:

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