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Esmya 5mg Price

DISCLAIMER: The following information is provided for educational purposes for those looking into the Esmya 5mg price. This is not presented as a substitute for medical advice and should not replace the advice of your doctor. Always seek the advice of a licensed physician for your medical treatment, condition, or medications you’ve been prescribed. Do not ignore your doctor’s advice on Esmya because of the information provided here.

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The brand version of Esmya in Canada. The UK version has a different appearance.

Esmya contains the active ingredient ulipristal acetate. It is prescribed in the treatment of moderate to severe symptoms of uterine fibroids (also known as myomas). Myomas are non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. 5mg Esmya is prescribed to adults over 18 before they reach menopause. In some individuals, myomas can cause heavy menstrual bleeding on you period, can create pressure on other organs, and pelvic pain. Esmya acts by modifying the activity of progesterone, a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It is used either before an operation of your fibroids or in the long term to decrease the size of your fibroids, to reduce or stop bleeding, and to increase your red blood cell count.

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Always take Esmya exactly as your doctor has told you. The recommended dose is one 5mg tablet daily, for the treatment course of up to 3 months. If you’ve been prescribed several courses of Esmya for the 3 month treatment, you should start the each course during the second menstrual period following the previous treatment completion at the earliest. Always start Esmya within the first week of your menstrual period. Swallow Esmya with water and take it with or without food. 

If you forget to take Esmya and you’ve missed the dose by less than 12 hours, take it when you remember. If you miss the dose by over 12 hours, skip the missed tablet and take your next dose normally. 

Do not stop your 3 month treatment early without talking to your doctor. Even if you are starting to feel better, if you stop too early your symptoms may come back early.

Drug interactions can interfere with how your medication works, or increase your risk of unwanted side effects. Sometimes when two medications interact you should never take them together. Other times, your doctor can make adjustments to your existing medesmications to allow you to take two medications that would otherwise negatively interact. The following medications may interact with Esmya: 

This is not an exhaustive list of medications that interact with Esmya. Give your doctor a list of all the medications (prescription and non-prescription as well as vitamins and herbal products) so that they can properly check for drug interactions. If you have questions about drug interactions you can reach out to our licensed pharmacists at 1-844-416-4282 for counselling.

Like all medications, Esmya can cause side effects, though not everybody gets them. If you experience any of the following symptoms stop using Esmya right away and contact your doctor: 

  • swelling of face, tongue or throat
  • difficulty swallowing
  • hives and breathing difficulties

These are possible symptoms of angioedema (frequency not known). 

  • nausea or vomiting
  • severe tiredness
  • jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin)
  • dark urine
  • itching or upper stomach ache. 

Very common side effects: 

  • reduction or absence of menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea) 
  • thickening of the lining of the womb (endometrial thickening). 

Common side effects: 

  • Headache
  • spinning sensation (vertigo) 
  • stomach ache
  • feeling sick (nausea)
  • acne
  • muscle and bone (musculoskeletal) pain
  • sac of fluid within the ovaries (ovarian cyst)
  • breast tenderness/pain
  • lower abdominal (pelvic) pain
  • hot flushes
  • tiredness (fatigue) 
  • weight increase

Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people) side effects: 

  • drug allergy
  • anxiety 
  • mood swings 
  • dizziness 
  • dry mouth
  • constipation 
  • hair loss
  • dry skin
  • increased sweating
  • back pain
  • leakage of urine
  • bleeding from the womb (uterine bleeding)
  • vaginal discharge
  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • breast discomfort
  • swelling due to fluid retention (oedema)
  • extreme tiredness (asthenia)
  • increase in blood cholesterol seen in blood tests
  • increase in blood fats (triglycerides) seen in blood tests

Rare (may affect up to 1 in 1,000 people) side effects:

  • nosebleed
  • indigestion
  • bloating
  • break of sac of fluid within the ovaries (ovarian cyst ruptured)
  • breast swelling.

This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. If you notice any negative effects after you start Esmya, talk to your doctor right away.