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Buy Cellcept (Mycophenolate Mofetil) Online

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This is intended as a summary and should not replace individual medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist. This summary does not include all possible information for this medication, ask your health care professional for personalized recommendations and complete information about this product.

Mycophenolate can lower one’s ability to fight off infections. This can make it more likely that you’ll get a serious (rarely fatal) infection or make an infection you have worse. If you have any signs of infection immediately tell your doctor. This medication can rarely cause cancer. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Immediately tell your doctor if you experience any of the following cancer symptoms: swollen glands, weight loss, night sweats.

If you have any of the following cancer symptoms tell your doctor immediately: sudden weight loss, night sweats, swollen glands, change in appearance or size of moles, unusual skin changes/growth. Mycophenolate can harm an unborn baby, use reliable forms of birth control when on this medication.

Mycophenolate is used in tandem with other medications to prevent an organ transplant rejection. It is part of a class of medications called immunosuppressants. It weakens your body’s defense system to help the body accept your new organ.

This section describes uses of this medication that aren’t listed in the approved professional labeling but that may be prescribed by your health care professional. Only use this drug for these conditions if your healthcare professional has prescribed it. This drug can be used for immune system disorders.

Take this medication orally as instructed by your doctor, usually twice daily on an empty stomach, 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. Do not crush or chew the medication, if you’re taking the capsules do not open the capsule before swallowing. if there is dust from the tablets or if a capsule comes apart avoid inhaling the medication and avoid contact with your eyes. This drug can be absorbed through the lungs and skin and can harm a fetus. Women who may become pregnant or are pregnant shouldn’t handle this medication or breathe the dust from tablets or capsules.

Regular use of this medication will yield the best results. Talk to your doctor before changing your dose or stopping the medication. don’t take this medication alongside antacids that contain magnesium and or aluminum, colestipol, or phosphate binders that are calcium-free. Consult your pharmacist for more details. Do not change forms or brands of the medication unless directed by your doctor.

Headache, nausea, constipation, vomiting, stomach upset, tremor, gas, nausea or trouble sleeping may occur. If these effects get worse or last tell your doctor immediately. Your doctor has prescribed this medication after considering that the benefits will outweigh the risks. Most people who use this medication don’t experience serious side effects but if you experience any of the following tell your doctor: fast/irregular heartbeat, easy bruising/bleeding, swelling of the ankles/feet.

Get medical assistance if you experience any of the following side effects: black stools, abdominal/stomach pain that doesn’t go away, chest pain, black, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, shortness of breath, rapid breathing. This medication can increase the potential risk of getting a serious and possible fatal brain infection. If you experience the following side effects seek medical help immediately: loss of coordination/balance, clumsiness, sudden change in your thinking, weakness, seizure, vision changes, difficulty talking/walking.

Serious allergic reactions to this drug are rare, however if you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction such as swelling/itching, rash, trouble breathing, severe dizziness seek medical attention. This list of side effects is not all inclusive, if you experience additional side effects talk to your doctor.

Before taking this drug tell your pharmacist of all allergies including allergy to mycophenolic acid or mycophenolic sodium. This product can contain inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or other problems. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for more details. Discuss your medical history with your doctor especially of: liver disease, cancer, current/past infections, intestinal/stomach problems, kidney disease, rare genetic disorders. Mycophenolate can increase susceptibility to infections or can worsen current infections.

Avoid contact with people who have communicable infections such as measles, flu, or chickenpox. Do not have vaccinations/immunization without consulting your doctor. Avoid people who have recently had live vaccines. Lower your risk of getting bruised, cut or injured by using caution with sharp objects and avoiding activities such as contact sports. Tell your doctor or dentist about the medications you take before having surgery. Don’t donate blood while on this drug and for 6 weeks after stopping.

Do not donate sperm while on this medication and for 90 days after stopping this medication. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not handle this medication as it can harm a fetus. They also should not take this medication. Women of childbearing age should discuss reliable forms of birth control while using this medication and for 6 weeks after stopping use of this medication.

Males with female partners of childbearing age should use reliable forms of birth control while on this medication and for 3 months after stopping treatment. It is not known if this drug passes into breast milk and because of potential harm to the infant do not breast-feed while on this drug.

Drug interactions can affect how your medications work and increase the risk for side effects. This document is not a complete list of potential interactions, keep a list of the products you use and share it with your doctor or pharmacist. Do not adjust your usage of this medication without talking to your doctor first. Medications that can interact with this drug are: other drugs that increase the risk of infection/weaken the immune system. This medication can decrease the efficacy of hormonal birth control such as ring, patch or pills which can lead to pregnancy. If you are on hormonal birth control you should also use non-hormonal birth control while on this medication. Tell your health care professional if you experience new spotting or breakthrough bleeding as this could be signs your birth control is not as effective.

If someone is passed out or having trouble breathing they may have overdosed, call 911 or poison control immediately.

Do not give anyone else this medication. Medical/lab tests should be done while you are on this medication, keep all lab and medical appointments. Attend a support group or class for transplant education. Learn the signs of organ rejection and inform your doctor if they occur.

If your miss one dose take it when you remember unless it is near the time of your next dose. Take the next dose as scheduled, do not double your doses to catch up.

Store away from light and moisture at room temperature away from the bathroom. Keep away from pets and children. Only dispose of this medication as instructed by a pharmacist or waste disposal company.