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What are Azopt Eye Drops?

Azopt (brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension) is part of the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor class of drugs. It is used to treat open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

It helps decrease intraocular pressure (high pressure inside the eye) by reducing the amount of fluid produced in the eye. Excess liquid inside the eye creates pressure which can cause damage and may even lead to blindness if left untreated.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Azopt Eye Drops

    How to Use Azopt Eye Drops?

    When discussing Azopt with your doctor they will instruct you on how to take it. It also comes with a product information leaflet provided by the manufacturer.

    When using azopt wash your hands and avoid touching the dropper. Be careful not to make contact with your eye and other objects to prevent contamination. Remove soft contact lenses, if you wear them, as the material may absorb the medication.

    You do not need to wash the dropper after using it on the affected eye. If you need to take another eye drop, it is recommended that you wait at least 15 minutes before applying a different medication.

    When discussing Azopt with your doctor, try to make sure you know what condition Azopt is meant to treat. Do not share this medication with others as it may not treat their specific symptoms. Taking this medication without discussing it with a doctor can lead to an adverse reaction. Do not stop using Azopt once you feel better. Eye pressure can build up if left untreated.

    What are Side Effects of Azopt Eye Drops?

    Azopt Eye Drops has known side effects. This is not a complete list and includes frequently reported adverse events. Report side effects to your doctor or pharmacist if they are severe or you need help managing them.

    • fast heartbeat
    • Burning, stinging, or discomfort when medicine is applied
    • nausea
    • Chest pain
    • clay-colored stools
    • loss of appetite
    • hives
    • feeling of something in the eye
    • skin rash
    • puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue
    • stuffy nose
    • difficult or labored breathing
    • itching, swelling, or other signs of eye or eyelid irritation
    • stomach discomfort, upset, or pain
    • dry eyes
    • red or irritated eyes
    • diarrhea
    • unusual bleeding or bruising
    • unusual tiredness or weakness
    • eye redness, irritation, or pain
    • runny nose
    • cough
    • wheezing
    • painful or difficult urination
    • hives or welts
    • tender, swollen glands in the neck
    • tightness in the chest
    • hoarseness
    • seeing double
    • Discharge from the eye
    • vomiting of blood
    • sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
    • dizziness
    • crusting in the corner of the eye
    • joint or muscle pain
    • Bitter, sour, or other unusual taste
    • dark urine
    • sore throat
    • Acid or sour stomach
    • body aches or pain
    • yellow eyes or skin
    • red skin lesions, often with a purple center
    • thinning of the hair
    • indigestion
    • headache
    • redness, soreness, irritation, or pain of the eye or eyelid
    • voice changes
    • swollen or painful glands
    • sneezing
    • chills
    • Abdominal or stomach pain
    • dry mouth
    • muscle stiffness
    • dry eyes
    • heartburn
    • kidney pain
    • congestion
    • unpleasant breath odor
    • general feeling of tiredness or weakness
    • excessive muscle tone
    • muscle tension or tightness
    • blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin
    • lower back or side pain
    • Blurred vision
    • fever with or without chills
    • hair loss
    • double vision
    • difficulty with swallowing
    • shortness of breath
    • belching
    • unusual taste in your mouth

    Azopt Eye Drops Drug Interactions

    The following drugs are known to interact with Azopt Eye Drops. This is not an exhaustive list so it is important to disclose all your current medications with your doctor to prevent allergic reactions or adverse interactions. They may have to make a decision if the interaction is worth the benefit of using either drug or if your therapeutic regime needs to be changed.

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    DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is intended to provide basic information on this medication and is not intended to replace the medical advice provided by a certified medical professional. Any prescription drug use needs to be approved by your doctor.
    Do not avoid or ignore any advice provided by your physician in favor of what is written here. Always consult with a pharmacist or doctor before taking this medication and seek counselling if you have any questions or concerns about your medication.