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HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION: The following is presented for exclusively informational purposes for those who want to buy Avodart online from Canada and is not intended for use as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek out a physician or other licensed health care provider’s advice for your medical condition or treatment plan. Do not ignore professional advice or delay seeking it out because of the information provided here.

Avodart is used for the treatment of symptoms of an enlarged prostate in men (benign prostatic hyperplasia – BPH). Dutasteride works by reducing the size of the prostate which assists in relieving BPH symptoms such as: weak stream, difficulty in beginning flow of urine, the need to urinate urgently or frequently. It can also lessen the need for a surgical procedure to treat BPH. Avodart isn’t approved for the prevention of prostate cancer. It could slightly increase the risk of getting a serious form of prostate cancer. Discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor. Avodart is not generally prescribed to women and children.

Read the information in the Patient Information Leaflet before you begin taking Avodart and whenever you buy Avodart online. Take dutasteride orally, generally once daily either with or without food, as instructed by your doctor. Swallow this medication whole as chewing or crushing the capsules can affect the way it works in the body. In order to properly benefit from Avodart you have to take it consistently. Try to take it at the same time daily to help you remember. This medication can be absorbed through the skin and thusly should not be handled by women who are or may become pregnant as this medication can harm an unborn baby. If you symptoms worsen or you don’t notice improvement, talk to your doctor.

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