Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Buying Caverject online may be your solution to erectile dysfunction. There may, however, be some underlying issues that may be resolved without a doctor’s prescription.

If you are planning to buy Caverject online, first read these common causes of erectile dysfunction (or ED). Not all cases can be treated with medicine

Performance Anxiety

It’s very common for people to be anxious about sexual performance and pleasing their partner. Sometimes this can result in an inability to perform or to have an erection. Generally, this can be treated with counseling or communication with your partner.

Old Age

Aging comes with a multitude of complications and ED may be one of them.  It is common among men over 40 years and may become worse as you advance in years. It is estimated that half the men over 70 years suffer erectile problems. Medication might be able to treat this.

Underlying Illness

Some illnesses can affect different parts of the body and those include blood vessels. Such illnesses can lead to ED. Common illnesses include:

-  Diabetes, especially when the blood sugar level is not controlled

-  Heart disease especially due to high cholesterol

-  High blood pressure

-  Parkinson’s disease

Tobacco Use

Smoking is known to reduce the flow of blood within the body. Tobacco use also will cause heart complications. Both these conditions are associated with erectile dysfunction.  The more a person smokes, the less blood supply they will get to the penis, and eventually, it can cause an inability to maintain an erection. Giving up tobacco use can gradually reverse the condition.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The food a man eats and the amount of exercise he gets can determine one's sexual health. Scientists have noted that overweight people have increased amounts of estrogen in the body which can cause an inability to erect. People who eat high cholesterol foods and live a very inactive lifestyle can eventually end up with different problems that will result in erectile dysfunction. It is possible to reverse this problem by doing more exercise and eating healthy.

Use of Drugs

Certain prescription drugs, as well as recreational drugs, can have an impact on a man’s ability to erect. Some of these medications may affect people differently and it would be necessary to inform your doctor if you notice ED as one of the side effects of a new medication you may be taking. The common drugs include:

-  Medication for depression

-  Opioid painkillers

-  Allergy medication

-  Blood pressure medication

-  Alcohol

-   Marijuana

The list is long but these are the more common ones. For most prescription meds, the effect is not permanent.

Low Levels of Testosterone

With a low level of testosterone, erectile dysfunction is a common result among other effects. It is estimated that 1 in 4 men suffer from this problem. There are many other effects of low testosterone which include low sex drive, hair loss, and insomnia. This problem can be treated with prescription medication.


It may be hard to admit that you have the problem, but once you let a doctor know, the treatment can begin and you should see positive results. Need more information about erectile dysfunction?