Bernie Sanders and the Cost of Insulin

On July 28th, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought a bus full of Americans over the border to buy Canadian insulin. Sanders’ campaign has thus far been a strong voice for Universal Healthcare. He has long used the cost of insulin as an example of exorbitant prices and predatory health care costs.

Sanders brought around a dozen American diabetes patients and their family members across the Canadian border. He then took them to a pharmacy in Windsor to buy their life saving medication. In Canada the cost of insulin is about one-tenth of the cost of insulin in the US, even with American insurance plans.

The vial of insulin that was $340 in the US was merely $36 in Canada. One mother said that she was able to buy a 6 month supply of the normally expensive insulin for her son for roughly $1,000. She saved over $10,000 on the cost of insulin for her child, all by buying it from Canada.

Americans have been buying Canadian medication online for years to cut down on health care costs. They are able to take advantage of the lower pricing from Canada to get their necessary medications. You can save 60%-80% by buying Canadian medication online so it’s natural that you may want to buy insulin online. With the low prices found in Canada can you buy insulin online?

Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to buy insulin online from a reputable pharmacy referral company. This is because insulin is a delicate medication that is difficult to ship. It has to be kept within a narrow temperature range and it has a high chance of arriving to the US in an unusable condition. When you buy insulin online you have to have it shipped from another country which can be tricky.

If an online pharmacy referral company is offering a low cost of insulin and shipping it from another country, this is a cause for concern. Shipping insulin is such a high risk process that it’s unlikely it will reach you in such a state that you’re able to use it. Be wary of any companies that claim to be able to safely ship insulin to you.

However, if there any other medications you take that have experienced price hikes recently, you’re in luck. You can purchase most prescription medications (but not insulin) online from Canada, the UK, or New Zealand for lower pricing. Sometimes we can get a better list price than what you would pay with health insurance. If American drug pricing is frustrating you, look online for other options. While you can’t buy insulin online from Canada to take advantage of the lower cost of insulin here, we are still happy to provide you and your family members with other expensive medications.

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