A Detailed Guide on Major Depressive Disorder

When your regular mental health practitioner or doctor makes a major depressive disorder (or MDD) diagnosis based on your behavioral patterns and symptoms, then maybe it is time to buy Lexapro from Canada. Doctors treating mental health patients usually give them a questionnaire and ask them further questions to be able to tell if they have MDD.

If you meet all the symptom criteria in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), manual, then you have MDD. This manual is vital and it assists mental health practitioners successfully diagnose mental conditions and advise patients to buy Lexapro from Canada.

Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms

According to the DSM manual, you have to have experienced at least 5 of the following symptoms, at least once every day, for 2 weeks and above.

Most of the time, nearly every day, you are always irritable or engulfed by sadness and you have completely lost interest in activities that you once considered fun.

If you start experiencing amnesia, or you sleep more than you used to, added to a sudden and unexplained weight loss. You may also experience some changes in appetite.

At times, you might be highly restless but at other instances, a feeling of weariness and lack of usual energy comes over you.

When you have constant guilty feelings, feelings of unworthiness, especially regarding situations that wouldn’t normally make you feel like that.

If you have trouble in decision making, concentrating fully or even thinking, coupled with regular thought about harming yourself or suicidal thoughts.

Major Depressive Disorder Causes

While the exact cause is unknown, various aspects increase the possibility of getting the condition.

If there are fluctuations in hormonal balance, the result might be MDD. Besides, stress and genetic factors can wreak havoc with brain chemistry and significantly limit the ability to keep a stable mood.

Other causes of MDD include abusing alcohol and drugs plus a wide array of medical conditions including hypothyroidism and cancer.

Some other forms of medication such as steroids can also bring about the condition.

Major Depressive Disorder Treatments

Mental health experts often prescribe antidepressant treatment such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs to combat MDD.

SSRIs prevent the serotonin found in the brain from breaking down and this leads to neurotransmitters in higher quantities. Serotonin is renowned for inducing better sleep patterns and stimulating the mood.

 It is important to note that MDD patients usually have low serotonin levels. By increasing serotonin in the brain, an SSRI will relive MDD symptoms.

Also known as talk therapy or psychological therapy, it has been efficient in treating MDD. This mainly involves meeting a therapist regularly to share about the condition and other related aspects.

Psychotherapy can assist patients to cope with crisis and replace negative behavioral beliefs and tendencies with healthy and positive ones. Besides, it helps patients work on their communication skills and this boosts their self-esteem.

All this is aimed at helping patients deal with challenges and handle problems while reclaiming a sense of control and satisfaction in their lives.

Changes in Lifestyle
If you do away with some daily habits, it is easy to keep MDD at bay. Some of these habits include changing your diet. Eat more foods that have Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, plus Vitamin B rich foods like whole grains.

Keep away from alcohol and some processed foods and ensure that you exercise frequently.

Exercise is a proven mood-booster. Most importantly, ensure that you get adequate sleep every night.

MDD patients should know that this condition can be treated but they must stick to the treatment plan and follow all the above-given tips.

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