5 Methods You Can Follow to Swallow a Pill With Ease

5 Methods You Can Follow to Swallow a Pill With Ease

Here are five techniques that you can follow to take the tablet with ease. 

A lot of people do not know how they should swallow the pills that the doctors prescribe to them. So many things contribute to this concern. Now this includes fear of choking, dry throat, and dysphagia(difficulty in swallowing). Little children do not know how to swallow the medicine as they usually chew things before gulping anything. Teaching them this concept is merely a difficult task. 

If you buy Canadian prescription drugs online, the quality of the drugs is no more a concern for you. The only thing that you will start to worry about is how you are planning to take the medicines. There are different strategies that you can follow if you have trouble taking a pill. 

Here are some of them for your reference:

Drink a Lot of Water

Yes, this is the first thing that you must plan on doing when you are planning to take a pill. Once you do it, during the process of drinking, it is wise to visualize that you are going to swallow the whole tablet. When you begin to envision things, your body will also try to cooperate well when you take in the pill. 

Using a Pop Bottle

A lot of people do not like the taste of the tablet. Especially children try to hide under the bed or behind the sofa to escape from medicines. One of the methods that people can overcome this feeling is by using the ‘Pop Bottle Strategy.’ The first thing that you do in this method is to place the pill on the tip of your tongue. 

After this, you are going to cover your lips around the plastic water bottle. Lastly, you are going to suck the water from the bottle while you try to place your head back. This method will help the tablet to go down your throw with ease. 

Use the Straws

Some people use straws to suck on their tablets with ease. Using the straw helps in distracting their body. So many companies that are out there in the market manufacture specialized straws. 

The Lean Forward Method

Many people follow this technique as they are successful in swallowing the tablets when they use this strategy. This method is pretty simple and straightforward. Place the pill on your tongue and then take a sip of water inside your mouth and swallow the tablet. 

While the process of swallowing is underway, you lean your head forward so that you do not experience any choking feeling. Since the tablets are not heavier than the tablets, they might easily float inside your body. 

Purchase a Pill Swallowing Cup

You can also find a pill-swallowing cup in the market these days. A lot of retail and online medical stores are selling them. You might want to check if it is available when you buy Canadian drugs online

Since these cups come with a special top that can reach till your throat’s back, taking a pill will be no more difficult. However, not everyone should be using it. Check the description before buying it.